Hummingbirds are attracted to bright colors, including red, pink, yellow, orange and purple. Red attracts them more than any other color since they associate it with food.

To attract hummingbirds to a garden or feeder, rich, bright colors should be used. Red is known to attract hummingbirds from afar but does not have to be the sole color used. Hummingbirds like both annuals and perennials, as long as the colors in the flowers are vibrant. When considering flowering plants, hummingbirds prefer tubular shaped flowers, as they accommodate their long beaks, but feed on other shapes of flowers as well. Along with color and shape, the amount of nectar a flower provides should also be evaluated. Planting flowers with different blooming schedules ensures that there is a continuous draw for these birds. The constant blooms provide color to attract hummingbirds and food to keep them around. Hummingbird feeders often have a feeding base that is red with flowers in the feeder holes. Commercially made hummingbird food is typically red. Food for hummingbirds can also be made at home using a mixture that is one part sugar to four parts water. Food coloring or flavoring should not be added, as this can make hummingbirds sick.