The devil firefish and the emperor angelfish are a couple of the more commonly known species of bony fish. Other commonly known species are the emperor snapper, the garden eel, pineapple fish and the pipefish.

The devil firefish is best known for its deadly dorsal spines. It captures prey by cornering it with its large pectoral fins. Once the prey is cornered, the devil firefish devours it whole. The sharp spines on this fish also inflict a painful sting. The emperor angelfish is a colorful fish found in tropical regions of the world. It grows to lengths of 40 centimeters and lives for approximately 14 years. The emperor snapper is a striking fish due to its colors. As a baby, the fish is red and black, changing to more red and pink as it matures. It reaches lengths of 1 meter and its diet consists mainly of crustaceans and fish.

The garden eel is shy and timid. Eels are commonly found residing in groups of 100 or more. When threatened, the garden eel retreats to its hole for safety. The pineapple fish get its name from its striking resemblance to the fruit; its yellow glow is attributed to bacteria which is produced in its jaw. Pipefish are cousins to the seahorse. These fish use the cover of seaweed to hide from predators and feed on crustaceans living in tropical waters.