The Jack Russell/beagle mix is a small, sweet, and loving companion dog, but may be excitable and easily distracted. Also known as Jackabees, these designer mixes have the energy and lap dog qualities of a Jack Russell with the happy-go-lucky attitude of a beagle.

The Jackabee mix is a relatively new type of designer dog breed, which means that there are still some negative qualities that pop up in these dogs. Jackabees often range in size from 12 to 25 pounds. They have short, wiry hair that is mostly white speckled with brown and black spots.

Jackabees are very smart dogs and easily learn commands. They have the best traits of both Jack Russells and Beagles, being loving, happy and warm companion dogs. Being smaller dogs, Jackabees can fit very well into apartment life as long as they get plenty of walks. They are generally very healthy, but may be prone to skin, eye and nasal allergies.

These dogs also get some of the less pleasant traits of beagles and Jack Russells. They have high levels of energy and like to run a lot. Without exercise and entertainment they can become bored and act out. Early socialization is essential to help Jackabees with any potential shyness and anxiety around strangers.