Angler fish, Pacific Viperfish, Wolfish, Goblin Shark and Sloane's Viperfish are just a few of the terrifying fish lurking in the ocean's depths. Once you move past the point where light reaches, the world's oceans turn into a terrifying place filled with strange creatures.

There are few places on the planet that are stranger or more terrifying than the dark zone of the oceans. It's filled with creatures that have evolved to handle living in total darkness. These evolutions often involve huge eyes, misshapen bodies and bizarre body parts that initially seem to have no purpose.

There's no need to look any further than the angler fish to see how terrifying the deep ocean can be. This fish sports massive jaws that jut out from its mouth and are ready to snap at a moment's notice. Then there is the odd piece of flesh that hangs from its head, complete with a tip that lights up to draw in its prey. This is where the angler fish earns its namesake.

The deep oceans are filled with so many horrifying creatures because they've had to evolve to live in an environment with no light and high pressure. Their bodies have grown odd appendages to attract prey and translucent bodies that gather every bit of light that finds its way to the bottom.