Over the years, barracudas have adapted to have a sleek, torpedo shaped body that allows them move easily through the water to hunt with razor sharp teeth. The barracuda has been in existence for 50 million years.

Barracudas are extremely fast, flexible and ferocious fish. Some species are less than a foot long while others can grow to be larger than 6 feet in length. Barracudas have the ability to adapt to the water temperature around them.

Another adaptation barracudas have is the ability to inflate their bodies using a swim bladder. They do this to be able to quickly rise or sink in the water, and this ability is used to hide from predators or hunt for food.

Due to their large size and nasty disposition, the barracuda has very few natural predators. On occasion, barracudas attack people, usually in murky water when the legs of swimmers are confused for fish.