No zebra has the same set of stripes, according to Find Fast, Facts About Zebras. The Jungle Store explains that there are three species of zebra; and, they include the mountain zebra, plains zebra and Grevy's zebra. Find Fast states that the word zebra comes from the word zevra, which is an Old Portuguese word that means "wild ass." Zebras have very sharp senses, and they sleep while standing up.

According to Find Fast, plains and mountain zebras live in groups called harems, which consist of a single stallion, six mares and many foals. The Jungle Store mentions that there are two types of mountain zebras that include the Cape Mountain and Hartman Mountain. The plains zebra does not have black bands on the legs and is the most common among the three species. The Jungle Store states that zebras in general excel at rock climbing. The animals were never tamed, and they are slower than horses.

Zebra stripes serve as a good form of camouflage. Find Fast explains that stripes on the Grevy's zebra are narrower, and they drink less water. The name Grevy comes from French President Jules Grevy. In 1882, he was the first individual to receive a zebra specimen from the emperor of Abyssmania, otherwise known as modern Ethiopia. Mountain and Grevy's zebras are endangered.

The Grevy's zebra is also known as the Imperial Zebra, because they are the largest within the species, according to Find Fast. They are regarded as the oldest type of zebra, and they are found in Ethiopia and Kenya.