Unique dog tricks include skateboarding, saluting, opening and closing doors, walking backwards, acting bashful, crawling, speaking words or short phrases, sneezing, pottying on command, playing basketball and dancing, according to Jana Randall of SheKnows. Additional tricks are praying, walking on hind legs or front paws, dancing, doing back flips and playing dead.

It is important to incorporate more challenging tricks into a dog's education to keep them stimulated, notes Nicole Pajer of Cesar's Way. It is easiest to begin training a dog as a puppy, but it is not necessarily true that older dogs cannot learn new tricks.

Dogs are eager to please their owners and enjoy mental activities that test their skills and allow them to spend quality time with their owners. If a dog becomes bored, it has an increased risk of developing destructive behaviors, such as destroying furniture, tearing into garbage, chewing on legs and feet, crying and overeating.

When dogs work on new tricks or play interactive games with their owners, they remain happy and stimulated. Pajer suggests giving a dog a job to do to make them feel important, such as fetching the newspaper, opening the refrigerator door and placing items in the garbage bin.