Since tortoiseshell calico cats have a unique mix of coat colors and markings, exotic pet names work best. Keep in mind that most tortoiseshell cats are female as male tortoiseshells are extremely uncommon. Names like Kiki, Cleopatra, Hazel, Elektra, Minerva, Mystique, Roxy or Snickers are great options.

Nicknamed "torties" for short, tortoiseshell cats are said to have a fiesty personality. While this hasn't been proven, tortoiseshell cat owners all over the world claim their tortoiseshells are energetic, strong-willed and independent. Tortoiseshells are known to be quite talkative and are more vocal than many of their fellow felines. Tortoiseshell owners lovingly refer to their unique cats' personality as "tortitude", which they liken to the hot-tempered nature of red-headed humans.

In addition to their unique personality, tortoiseshells are also adored in folklore from various cultures around the world. In the United States, tortoiseshells are called "money cats" as they are supposed to grant luck in the form of riches. Some cultures believe your love life will be blessed if you come across a tortoiseshell in your dreams. In Japan, tortoiseshells were used as companions on fishing boats to ward off ghosts and storms at sea. Tortoiseshell cats deserve a colorful name just as colorful as their coats.