Some tips for rescuing Jack Russell Terrier puppies are to socialize them well and to provide them with a lot of exercise. Another tip is to give them consistent training.

The Jack Russell Terrier gets its name from the Reverend Jack Russell, who bred the dog to help him hunt foxes. Jack Russell Terriers are brave and boisterous dogs that can require a lot of patience. The breed is most suitable for owners who are ready to entertain and exercise them. The breed can be aggressive with other dogs, so early socialization is important. The hunting instinct, or prey drive, of the Jack Russell Terrier is incredibly strong, so small pets such as guinea pigs should be kept away for their safety.

Jack Russell Terriers learn very quickly but can be stubborn, so consistency in training is key. The breed excels in events such as agility and Earthdog competitions. Jack Russell Terriers are full of energy and need to be given ample opportunities to burn it off. Training and event competitions work well to help meet the high energy demand of the dog.

Jack Russell Terriers are loving and gentle with their families, but they defend themselves if mishandled. Extra caution should be taken with children, as the breed gets defensive with children, too, if they are not handling the dogs properly.

Russell Rescue, Inc. is a national volunteer network that specializes in re-homing Jack Russell Terriers, and it frequently has puppies available.