Prevention is the best method for keeping a dog off the furniture, as it is much easier to keep a habit from developing than to break or redirect it. If the dog is already used to getting on the furniture, a combination of rewards for getting and staying on the floor and making a spot on the furniture less comfortable is usually most effective.

Dogs like comfort just as much as people do, so to prevent a dog from choosing a sofa, chair or bed as its lounging place, give it a plush, comfortable dog bed. Because dogs are social animals, the bed should be placed in areas where the family enjoys relaxing.

If the dog has a bed and still tries to climb onto certain pieces of furniture, owners can either lift the dog from the furniture and place it on the floor or sternly command the dog to get off of the furniture. Once the dog gets down, owners can give it a small reward so that it associates compliance with pleasure. It is not a good idea to drag or force the dog off of the furniture, as some animals might respond aggressively.

To make furniture less comfortable to a dog, owners can place a plastic carpet runner turned upside down on the furniture. This is one of many effective deterrents owners can use.