According to WebMD, training is important from the moment a puppy enters its new home. Rewarding good behavior, being consistent and properly socializing puppies are three of the most important puppy training tips for creating a positive learning environment.

Using treats, rewards and games to convince a puppy to repeat good behavior eliminates the need for scolding, leash corrections and other forms of punishment. This builds a stronger bond between puppy and owner because the puppy does not learn to fear certain situations or its owner. Puppies learn during every waking moment, regardless of whether their owners are actively training them at the time. The owner should take care not to reinforce bad behavior inadvertently by giving the puppy a treat or attention when it misbehaves. Being consistent is equally important, and all members of the household should reinforce desired behaviors to prevent confusion.

Socialization is the process through which puppies learn to accept new people and animals, and early exposure reduces stress caused by new situations. Socialization takes place during walks, car trips and any outings that introduce the pup to something or someone new. Owners should consider attending puppy training classes to learn effective training techniques and to socialize the puppy in a safe environment with other young dogs and dog lovers.