Some of the most popular non-shedding dogs come from the Spaniel breed, including the Irish Water and American Water Spaniels. Both dogs are of medium size and are highly active as sporting dogs. The American Staffordshire Terrier, a Bulldog and Terrier cross, hardly sheds, makes a loyal house guard and a compact and powerful running companion.

Pet dander, or microscopic skin flakes and fur, is likely to cause allergic reaction. Hypoallergenic dogs, such as the West Highland White Terrier and Bergamasco, are ideal household pets for allergy sufferers. Bergamasco, a medium-sized herding dog, has very little dander, doesn't shed much and is great for dog lovers who suffer from allergies. Pet lovers who love to swim will find the Portuguese Water Dog a delightful pet with its beautiful curly fur that rarely sheds and its affectionate temperament. Its intact coat, however, requires plenty of brushing.

The German Wirehaird Pointer makes a wonderful hunting companion and has a medium to thick close fitting coat that requires very little grooming. For owners who want no hair on their carpet, the best solution is to get a hairless Khala Medio. The breed is practically hairless and only requires occasional nail clipping and bathing.