Wolves are the largest member of the dog family. Wolves are usually cautious and shy around humans, and while humans are often afraid of wolves, attacks on humans by wolves are quite rare.

Wolves are mammals with a carnivorous diet, and a group of wolves is called a pack. When a wolf is alone and howling, he is usually trying to get the attention of his pack, while a whole pack howling most often intends to send territorial messages to other packs. They tend to hunt and live in packs of about six to 10 wolves and can roam great distances in a single day. A wolf can eat as much as 20 pounds at one time.

Wolf packs include a dominant "alpha" male and his mate right behind him. This dominant male and his mate are usually the only ones in the pack to breed, but all adult wolves in a pack help to care for and feed young pups. The gray wolf, or timber wolf, is the most common type of wolf, and wolves are common in all parts of the Northern Hemisphere. However, wolves have become considered endangered. Wolves don't only live in cold climates, they can also live in temperatures ranging up to 120 F.