Ways to adopt a kitten include visiting a local animal shelter or browsing for adoptable kittens on Petfinder.com, which lists adoptable animals for local rescues. The best time to do this is during "kitten season," which runs from spring to fall.

Kittens are usually in high demand, so looking for adoptable kittens during the time of year when most of them are born creates more opportunities to choose. Late spring to early summer is the busiest season for animal shelters that handle young kittens.

Municipal animal shelters are usually a good choice, but private rescues and cat-specific rescues also may have kittens available for adoption. Rescues also usually have more time to evaluate the kittens for health and personality traits, and they may be able to provide more support and advice to new owners. Municipal shelters, which are usually less expensive, typically have less stringent requirements for adopters. Both types also usually have adoption counselors who evaluate potential adopters and may suggest particular kittens.

Since kitten season often results in more cats than can be immediately adopted, adopters can also offer to foster kittens before committing to an adoption. Fostering gives the adopters a chance to make sure that the kitten is a good match for the home and that they are capable of caring for the kitten.