A black-and-white kitten can be named Oreo because of its resemblance to a popular chocolate cream-filled cookie. Patches is another name for a two-colored cat. Kittens that have white coloring only on the feet could be named Mittens, Boots or Socks.

Cat owners may decide to find a trendy name for an adorable kitten, or they may name a kitten based on a physical trait or the feline's personality. For example, names for cats with dark coloring include Pepper, Coco, Smokey and Midnight.

The personality of a kitten may inspire descriptive names. Names like Precious, Baby or Princess would be perfect for a sweet-natured feline. Good names for a rambunctious male kitten might be Gus, Rascal, Buster or Gizmo. Other names may be given because the owner simply thinks they're charming. For instance, popular names such as Sophie, Oliver, Lucky, Buddy, Lilly, Gracie, Callie and Pumpkin never seem to fall out of fashion. Other names, such as Zeus or Duke, remain popular because they symbolize strength.

Five of the top names for female kittens of any color, according to Vetstreet, are Bella, Lucy, Kitty, Luna and Chloe. The top five male kitten names are Oliver, Tiger, Charlie, Simba and Milo.