The American Kennel Club does not recognize the mini Siberian husky as a true breed but rather a smaller version of the standard Siberian husky. Mini huskies, at 18 to 25 pounds, are smaller than their larger counterparts that can weigh as much as 60 pounds.

The mini husky is a working dog that is energetic and independent. They require vigorous amount of exercise as well as strong leadership and training in order to avoid destructive behavior problems. Huskies make good family dogs because of their friendly and affectionate dispositions. However, they also have a strong predatory streak that may make it difficult to live peacefully with other smaller animals which they may regard as prey.

Miniature Siberian husky puppies often possess a variety of eye colors that can vary from blue to amber, green, brown or bi-colored. Parti-colored eyes in which a single eye exhibits more than one color, may also be present. Mini Siberian huskies have varying coat colors other than the standard black and white with which they are most associated. Their coloration can be jet black, grey, silver or bluish grey, brown or white. They shed their coats throughout the year, most often in the spring and fall.