Some of the most popular cute male kitten names include Oliver, Tigger, Lucky and Oreo. Mittens, Gizmo, Pumpkin and Midnight are also popular cute names for male kittens. Socks, Jax and Rascal are all favorite names for male kittens.

Some names may not be cute to all pet owners. Naming a kitten Dexter after the television show's titular character is cute for one person but not another. Naming kittens after popular cats in movies, such as Milo from "Milo and Otis" or Simba from "The Lion King," is a popular tradition. Pet owners should use personal preference as a guide in naming their animals. Names can be chosen based on meaning, such as using the name Henry to jokingly indicate a kitten will one day be ruler of the home. A technology lover could name a kitten Gadget, while a dancer might like the name Tango.

All kittens eventually become cats, so it is important to give a kitten a name it can grow into. Baby Boy, Baby Kitty and simply Baby may be popular names for kittens, but they may not work as well for an aging cat. More appropriate cute names to grow with might be the popular Gus, Oscar or Frankie.