A Great Dane-Saint Bernard mix, also called Saint Dane or Bernadane, is a large dog that grows as tall as 32 inches at the shoulder and as heavy as 200 pounds. Saint Danes are affectionate and loyal. They love to play, but typical of big dogs, they are also very mellow.

Saint Danes are protective of their owners and they have a deep, loud bark to back it up. They play well with children, though they can accidentally knock down smaller kids while playing. Saint Danes are amiable toward other dogs and even cats.

This breed mix has short, silky hair. Common coat colors include black and brown, golden and black and white. Their ears are floppy, like a Saint Bernard, but their bodies are a little sleeker and long-legged, like a Great Dane. They are comfortable in cold weather, but not as comfortable as the thicker-coated Saint Bernard. Their fur should be groomed weekly with a brush and comb to get at the thick undercoat.

Saint Danes are intelligent, though their adolescence phase can linger. Because of their mellow temperament and intelligence, they are easy to train. They do best with reward-based training. Saint Danes can get lazy if left indoors for long periods, which can lead to obesity. They need daily walks and regular interaction with humans.