Some species of ants include carpenter ants and pavements ants. Carpenter ants are named after the fact that they build nests inside wood, and pavement ants get their name because they prefer to live in cracks in or under pavement.

Another species of ant is the odorous house ant. This ant is named because they are often found inside people's homes, and when crushed, they emit a foul smell that is described as rotting coconut. They eat mainly dead insects or sweets, such as melons. They live in colonies of around 100,000 individuals and make their homes in exposed soils or under stones, logs or mulch.

Argentine ants are native to areas in South America, around Brazil and Argentina, and probably arrived to the United States through cargo ships around the 1890s. They can usually be found in the southern United States but can also live further north, including Maryland, Oregon and Washington. They prefer to eat sweets but eat just about anything if given the chance.

Finally red imported fire ants are some of the more aggressive species of ants and have a painful bite. They live in mounds in the soil but primarily live on vegetation. They are able to adapt to many environments and survive floods by forming a large ball that is able to float.