Unique names for female kittens can be based on coloring, personality traits or owner interests. For example, calico cat names include Autumn, Hallie (short for Halloween), Snickers, Paisley and Cammie (short for Camouflage).

Cats respond to shorter names that end in an "E" sound, according to Facts About Cats. Therefore, unique names such as Aki, Adoni, Cherie, Furby, Kali, Kiwi, Queenie and Yuki are good choices. Longer names that end in an "E" sound also work, such as Kabuki, Felicity, Tortellini and Barlini.

Black cats can be called Zula, Jelly Bean, Elvira, Cinders, Truffle or Amaretto. Names for orange kittens include Peaches, Apricot, Buttercup, Amber, Cinnamon, Ginger, Goldie, Nutmeg, Orange Blossom, Penny and Tiger Lily.

If a kitten seems sweet, good names for her are Apple, Ambrosia, Butterscotch, Cheesecake, Candy, Cookie, Cupcake, Honey, Kit Kat, Lollipop, M & M and Waffles. Pretty kittens can be called Aria, Bonita, Bella, Beauty, Cutsie or Radiance. Silly kittens can have funny names like Oprah Whiskers, Pickles Puss, Lofty Softy, Quacker, Quirp, Scampi, Silly Sidney, Spazzy, Tounces, Tiddly Wink or Whoopie.

Some people name their female kitten after brands such as Gucci, Godiva, Dior, Triscuit, Chantilly, Chiclet, Cheerio, Bugatti, Acura and Chanel. Vocal kittens can be named after singers with names such as Nellie, P. Kitty or Reba. Others get named after movie stars like Harlowe, Gracie, Kirstie Alley Cat, Norma Jean and Shirley Temple.