Some of the animals that eat salamanders include wild turkey, hawks, common crows, barred owls, raccoons, shrews, chipmunks, snakes, skunks, and any other animal that can find them under rocks, wood or running along in the leaves. There are many species of salamander living in a variety of locations across the country, making them an attractive food source for a wide range of small animals that like live prey.

Although salamanders are land creatures, they need to keep their skin and their eggs wet, according to HowStuffWorks. This means that they prefer to stay in damp and dark areas, such as under dead wood, logs, rocks and anything else that they can slide under. This means that animals that hunt for them either have to be able to turn over or dig in these areas or catch them when they are out looking for insects to eat. The salamanders' preference in damp areas means that they are more likely to be found looking for food in the night or after a rain storm. The creatures that find them the most appetizing include those that spend a good deal of time searching for their own food source in the night, such as owls or skunks.