The exact amount of food to feed a Chiweenie puppy varies greatly based on its individual needs; however, the ASPCA recommends introducing kibble at four weeks and gradually increasing the amount as the puppy becomes less dependant on its mother's milk. Upon weaning, Chiweenies benefit from being fed free choice. says the recommended amount of food listed on the back of dog food packaging is rarely correct. Most of the instructions encourage feeding more food than puppies actually need. As owners learn the amount the puppy needs daily and are ready to begin housebreaking, it is important to begin a more rigid schedule. When the dog eats determines when it needs to go outside to eliminate waste. After a puppy eats, it needs about an hour of quiet time to allow its food to digest properly.

Puppies do best when treats are limited to no more than 10 percent of their daily food intake. reminds owners to avoid overfeeding puppies with treats just before mealtime. Hard chew treats help to keep the Chiweenie's teeth clean and strong while also satisfying its need to chew. While treats are useful as a reward for good behavior, recommends avoiding their excessive use.