Three distinct species of zebras exist. They include the Plains Zebra, Mountain Zebra and Desert Zebra. The Mountain Zebra has two subspecies.

The Plains Zebra is found in central and western Africa. This type of zebra is also called the Common Zebra. Plains Zebras have shorter ears and smaller heads than mountain zebras and desert zebras.

The mountain zebra lives in mountain ranges in southern Africa. The two subspecies are the Hartmann's Mountain Zebra and the Cape Mountain Zebra. The Hartmann's Mountain Zebra has broad stripes and a white belly. Cape Mountain Zebras are the smaller of the two subspecies. Mountain Zebras are endangered.

The Desert Zebra, also called Grevy's Zebra, lives in some areas of Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. This type of zebra is the largest of the three species. Desert Zebras have narrow stripes and white bellies.