When bitten by a mosquito, a person can expect to experience a red, raised bump that itches; these mosquito bites generally last only 24 hours, but can last longer according to WebMD. Those with allergies may have a prolonged healing time.

What causes the itch?

When a mosquito bites, the insect's saliva causes both a red bump and itchiness. The mosquito will also draw blood from the site of a bite. A mosquito can and will bite a person multiple times until it feels full. Mosquitoes actually have two different tubes within the mouth so that they can insert saliva with one and suck blood with the other.

Treating the itch

According to WebMD, if a person has been bitten by a mosquito, the bitten area should be immediately cleaned with soap and water. An ice pack can be applied to lessen swelling and also a cream made for insect bites.