The red fox can run as fast as 30 mph. It can achieve such speeds because of its long hind legs and small stomach.

The red fox, or Vulpes vulpes, belongs to the Canidae family and it is found throughout the Northern Hemisphere and Australia. Its habitat widely varies, as the animal is known to live in edge forests, tundras, deserts and even in cities and suburban areas. Its diet consists mostly of rodents, birds, insects, fruits and occasional carrion.

Being primarily nocturnal predators, red foxes have very acute senses with eyes that help them see well in the dark and ears that are sensitive even to the faint rustlings that signify the presence of rodents. When a red fox detects a mouse, it stands still and calculates the exact location of the mouse. Once the fox has pinpointed its exact location, it launches its body at a 45-degree angle into the air and lands on top of the mouse, pinning it to the ground.