There are several ways to control mange at home through homeopathic and traditional remedies, including use of cooking oil, rinses and hydrogen peroxide borax mixtures as well as oral parasite control, states Home Remedy Shop. Regardless of the type of mange, using several controls at once is most effective.

Two types of mange can affect a dog: demodectic mange or sarcoptic mange. Both result in itching and discomfort from parasites, explains Home Remedy Shop. Sarcoptic mange is the more common of the two.

An antiparasitic medication prescribed by a veterinarian is the most common way to start treatment for both types of mange, according to Home Remedy Shop. This alleviates the itching and inflammation. Using cooking oil on the affected area relieves some of the itching and kills the mites. Cleaning the dog with hot soapy water, a lemon garlic rinse, or Neem oil can greatly improve the skin health. This should be followed with the preventative measure of washing all the bedding and isolating the dog from other sources of the parasite. Using borax in a 1 percent hydrogen peroxide solution and washing the dog without rinsing also treats the infestation.

Demodectic mange usually resolves on its own but is harder to get rid of if it occurs in older dogs, notes petMD. Antibiotics, medicated topical treatments, and medications that kill mites are necessary under these circumstances.