Eye infections in rabbits are treated with eye flushing, topical antibiotics or oral antibiotics, states SmallAnimalChannel.com. Depending on the cause of the infection, multiple treatments are available.

There are a variety of causes for redness and discharge from a rabbit's eye, notes SmallAnimalChannel.com. The most common of these is a bacterial infection. Infections are caused by contamination from feeding materials, trauma to the eye or infection of the tear ducts from dental disease.

In case of a bacterial infection, inflammation and discharge are seen from the eye, PetMD states. Certain dental diseases cause blockages to the tear ducts, which result in irritation and infection of the eyes. In cases where the tear duct is not involved, topical eye drops are often effective at eliminating the problem. Alternatively, oral antibiotics may be used.

In the case of a blocked tear duct, a veterinarian needs to flush the duct to clear it of debris, SmallAnimalChannel.com reveals. As it is often linked to an underlying dental disease, this needs to be addressed as well. Once the tear duct is clear, topical eye drops become effective in treating the infection.

Rabbits are very sensitive to medications, and some antibiotics are toxic, states the Merck Manuals. A veterinarian must display caution when prescribing antibiotics for a rabbit to avoid further complications.