To trap a mouse, place the trap in an area of the home where evidence of the rodent is present, and bait the trap with food. Release or dispose of mice after they are trapped, and reset the trap. Capturing a mouse may require several days.

  1. Place the trap

    Choose a live trap or a snap-style trap, and place it in an area where the mouse has been seen, or where there is evidence of the mouse, such as droppings or torn food packaging.If the mouse avoids the trap, place two traps back-to-back along a baseboard to prevent the mouse from avoiding capture by jumping over the first trap.

  2. Bait the trap

    Mice eat a wide variety of foods, including fruits, peanut butter and bread. Refer to the trap's product packaging to determine where to place the food. Typically, very small amounts of bait is needed to lure a mouse.

  3. Check the trap

    If a live trap is used, the trap should be checked several times a day to ensure the mouse is released quickly. Dispose of the mouse, or release it in an approved area. Reset and bait the trap as needed to capture additional mice in the home.