To train a Rottweiler, start with simple commands such as sit, paw, down and no. The best age to begin training is between six weeks and six months. Use positive reinforcement and avoid punishment. Discipline is essential, but it should never include verbal or physical aggression.

Rottweilers are an intelligent breed, so proper training that includes discipline and patience pays off quickly. Rottweilers respond well to positive reinforcement, including praise, attention and treats. Encourage the positive behavior by making training feel like a game. Any time the Rottweiler responds appropriately, immediately give it a treat, using positive body language and tone of voice.

Socializing the dog is another important step in training. The best way to do so is to bring the Rottweiler to a location that has a diverse population, including children, adults, people of different races and other types of dogs. This helps it to acclimate to a wide range of stimuli at a young age, preventing distractions during training sessions.

Avoid all types of physical and emotional discipline. Yelling at or hitting your dog simply encourages fear. This, in turn, makes the Rottweiler less likely to perform the behavior that you are trying to train it to do.