Taking care of a Shih Tzu dog entails feeding it adequately, keeping it clean and groomed, ensuring it has plenty of water to drink, providing shelter, training, exercise and taking it to the veterinarian whenever necessary. This dog breed is quite small and is generally good for those staying in apartments or small houses.

The Shih Tzu does not require any special care but should be given adequate food. Ensuring that the dog is fed consistently and that it is neither overfed or underfed should guarantee healthy development right from a tender age to adulthood. Dog food with less chemicals are highly encouraged when it comes to this breed.

If any symptoms of disease or injury are detected, the owner should immediately seek help from a nearby veterinary facility. Some of the health issues that may arise include eye problems, ear infections, allergies and reversed sneezing.

Washing the dog once a week should keep it clean while daily combing can help to reduce matting of the hair. When washing, dog shampoo should be used in order to provide skin protection. Brushing also ensures that the house does not get dirty due to its shedding.

To ensure the dog stays fit, daily exercise in the form of playing or walking should be carried out. It is also imperative to train the dog to use the outdoor facilities.