To take care of a German shepherd puppy, make sure the animal gets a lot of social interaction with both humans and other dogs, give the dog a lot of exercise through play and work, train the dog to use the bathroom outside and make sure it gets plenty of water and three meals a day. German shepherds are very loyal and will experience separation anxiety when their owner is not present, which means the owner needs to provide toys and stimulation for the dog, according to Pet Care Rx.

German shepherds are a smart, loyal and sociable breed of dog. Because they are easy to train, German shepherds are often used as police dogs or herd dogs. They want to perform work and please, which is why puppies need to have plenty of activity, according to Pet Care Rx. Use the following tips to care for a German shepherd puppy:

  • Allow the puppy to socialize with humans and other dogs.
  • The puppy should be given plenty of time to interact with others.

  • Give the dogs exercise with toys or jobs.
  • Play fetch or give the dogs toys to play with. Go on periodic walks with the animal.

  • Potty train the dog.
  • Teach the dog to ask to go outside before using the bathroom.

  • Feed the dog with healthy puppy chow.
  • Give the dog two to three meals a day of a healthy German shepherd food brand.

  • Give the dog water.
  • Keep a dish of water out for the dog at all times.

  • Reward good behavior with treats or attention.
  • When the dog does something well, reward it with a treat or by petting it.