Ducks are domesticated animals without wild instincts and can be trained to a certain extent, but potty training a duck is not possible according to the PETA website. Ducks cannot be trained to relieve themselves in a certain area and generally are not recommended as house pets.

Owning a duck requires a long-term commitment. Duck veterinarians, duck sitters and duck trainers are not easy to find and are expensive. For people who want to own a duck, consider adopting or rescuing rather then hatching or purchasing.

There are many things to consider before owning a duck. Having ducks is time consuming. Dogs and other pets may not get along with ducks and they thrive in a duck community rather than solitary life. A duck's life expectancy is about 20 years and they lack wild instincts and depend on their owners to meet their needs. Ducks raised by humans cannot fend for themselves and often die under such conditions. It is illegal to release domesticated ducks into the wild and is considered animal cruelty or abandonment.

Although ducks cannot be potty trained, some websites do offer diapers for ducks. The website Flight Quarters offers baby harnesses for ducks under 4 weeks old and custom diaper harnesses. The duck diapers are an option for owners who want their ducks to live or travel with them. The diapers are custom-made based on bird's measurements, age and breed.