Many popular pet turtles, such as red-eared sliders and painted turtles, are known for their basking behavior. Depending on the type of dock you want, you can use a foam block with nontoxic sealant for a floating dock, rocks or wood pillars for a stationary dock, or extra gravel or sand for a sloped dock.

  1. Create a floating dock

    To create a floating dock for your turtle, use a nontoxic sealant on a foam block. Coat the foam in the nontoxic sealant, and allow it to dry completely. Then, cut off bits of the dock until you achieve the perfect buoyancy. The dock should be low enough in the water that the turtle can climb onto it but high enough to allow the turtle to bask.

  2. Make a stationary dock

    To create a stationary dock, use clean rocks or pieces of wood to create an area for your turtle to bask. Remember to thoroughly clean anything you put in your turtle's tank. You can also purchase wooden planks or sticks with suction cups to attach to the side of the tank.

  3. Contruct a sloped dock or beach

    If you use sand or gravel bedding for your turtle, you can pile extra bedding high on one side of the tank to create a beach effect for your turtle to bask on. This also provides an egg-laying site if your turtle is female. Remember that too much gravel can add a lot of weight to your tank and can also be difficult to clean.