Frog Safe recommends keeping tadpoles in a short and wide container made of glass, plastic or Styrofoam. Cover the bottom of the container in sand about one-half inch deep. Fill the container with one liter of water per tadpole, preferably rain water. Underwater aquatic plants are essential for providing the tadpoles with oxygen. Feed them plant matter, protein and calcium: leaves with algae, baby spinach, bloodworms and crushed cuttlebones.

Because many species of frogs are declining or outright vanishing, Frog Safe and Rainforest Australia mention the importance of raising tadpoles for conservation reasons. Because they are not prone to disease in the wild, they are a relatively easy animal to raise, provided they are fed correctly. They need to be fed small amounts of food frequently; Frog Safe warns against providing them with several days' worth at once because this leads to them fouling the water. Once they reach metamorphosis and become frogs, remove them from the tank and place them in a tank with leaf litter, small branches and enough water for them to sit in safely. Once the tail is gone, the frogs eat flies and ants. They can also be released into the wild, preferably during a time of day when the sun is not strong.