To get rid of birds on a property, try making it difficult for them to nest by using a propane cannon or putting up bird spikes. Hiring a wildlife expert to relocate birds also works.

  1. Use a propane cannon
  2. Propane cannons produce loud explosion-like sounds at regular intervals. Propane cannons, with their necessary accessories, cost over $300. Place them around the property to scare birds away and keep them from returning.

  3. Put up bird spikes
  4. If birds are nesting on the property, bird spikes may work to get rid of them. Bird spikes are available at many home improvement stores for around $50 for 10 feet of spikes, as of 2015. Place them on the ground, or on the rooftop.

  5. Use a bird repellent spray
  6. Pick up a bird repellent spray at the local hardware store and spray it on grass, over crops, near boat docks or anywhere else birds are a problem.

  7. Consult a wildlife expert
  8. If the birds refuse to go away, consulting with a wildlife expert may help. Wildlife experts come in and trap the birds, relocating them to another area where they are less of a bother to homeowners.

  9. Buy bird birth control pellets
  10. In extreme cases, birth control pills for birds are available that can be placed in a bird feeder. These pills are not available everywhere; be sure to check with the local government to make sure they are legal.

The best course of action to remove unwanted birds is to mix up the removal techniques. Use one or more bird removal techniques and change them up every few days.