The most effective way to heal the dislocated hip of a dog is to have a veterinarian correct the injury through surgery, according to petMD. A veterinarian may perform a reduction procedure and place the dog in a sling as it heals, according to the Mar Vista Animal Medical Center.

Owners that find surgery and reduction procedures too expensive can choose to have the dog's leg amputated, as dogs adjust to three-legged lifestyles well, states petMD. As a last resort, the owner can do nothing and wait for the dislocated bone to heal itself by forming a fibrous connection between it and the pelvis, but this a painful option for the dog and one that doesn't work in most cases.

Veterinarians use X-radiation images to determine which treatment method is best for a specific dog's dislocated hip, the Mar Vista Animal Medical Center explains. If the dislocation is confirmed and no other complications with the hip are found, the vet may attempt a non-invasive closed reduction procedure that places the femoral head of the bone back into its correct position without needing to open the joint. The dog has to wear a sling for one to two weeks following the procedure and must remain indoors while in the sling and for between two and four weeks after it's taken off.