To find tiny carpenter ants in a house, you can check for nests in damps areas, such as a floor near a leaky roof, a bathroom or an attic. To find the nest, poke small holes in the wall. Following an ant is another way to locate its nest.

If carpenter ants are the problem, you need to locate the nest and then spray it with an insecticide that contains bifenthrin, deltamethrin or permethrinlisten as an active ingredient. After the nest is eradicated, the housing structure likely needs repair. If the nest cannot be located, contact a pest control professional.

For household ant problems, the first step is to locate the nest by watching where the ants walk and followingother them. In order to allow other ants to find the food, ants lead a scented trail from a food source back to the nest.

Once the nest has been located, place ant bait traps along the path from the food source to the nest. When the worker ants bring back the poisoned food, the queen and colony eventually die out. This process may take several days. After the infestation is eliminated, be sure to keep the area completely sanitized to prevent future colonies.