Some private zoos, private owners and breeding facilities put exotic animals up for sale. These sellers usually post adoptable exotic animals on pet advertisement sites, such as and Petfinder. Private sellers may also have their own websites where interested buyers can view the animals online.

Janda Exotics, a private zoo and breeding facility in San Marco, Texas, breeds rare exotic animals, such as marmosets, flying squirrels, genets, kinkajou and coatimundi. Interested persons can view the animals on the site, but the seller only allows buyers to see the animals personally when the buyer chooses to pick up the animal at its facility. and Exotic Animals for Sale allow private owners and breeding facilities to advertise adoptable rare exotic pets on their sites. Most sellers provide basic information, such as date of birth, tentative rehoming date, age and the history of the animals. Exotic Animals for Sale also includes a directory of breeders of exotic animals.

Most states implement strict rules on rare exotic animal adoption or ownership. The Humane Society and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals also discourage people from owning exotic pets due to the increasing numbers of abandoned, abused or homeless exotic animals in the United States. Many exotic pets also end up dying due to stress, abuse, injury or mishandling.