If you are attacked by a shark, it is important to fight back and get out of the water as soon as possible, but there are also important tips to learn to avoid a shark encounter. Sharks generally don’t like to eat humans. When sharks bite humans it is usually a “hit and run,” where they bite the human out of curiosity and swim away. This usually happens in shallow water and is rarely lethal.

However, a shark “sneak attack” usually occurs in deep water, and is much more dangerous. The shark will circle and run their victim before attacking. If you are ever in the unfortunate circumstance of being in shark infested waters, remember these tips:

- Don’t swim at night. Sharks are more active at night.

- Swim in groups. Sharks are more likely to attack someone on their own.

- Don’t wear shiny jewelry. Or if you are wearing jewelry and you get attacked, get rid of it. Shiny jewelry looks like shiny fish scales to a shark.

- Don’t thrash if you see a shark. It’s important to get out of the water as soon as you see a shark, but thrashing will draw its attention to you.

- Don’t play dead. This isn’t Jurassic Park, sharks can see you.

- Hit the shark in the eye or nose, or grab its gills on the side of its body. These are a shark’s sensitive areas.

- Get out of the water as fast as possible. It’s never smart to stick around when sharks are near, but it’s especially important to get out of the water if you have been attacked. Sharks are attracted to blood and staying there could attract more.

Hopefully you’ll never need to know these shark fighting tips, but next time you’re in deep water, you know what to do.