Exterminate moths by using moth traps, laundering all clothing and fabric in the affected area, and washing drawers, cupboards and wardrobes. You can also contact a local professional pest removal service.

Place moth traps in and around the affected area and vacuum carpet regularly to remove all moth larvae. Change vacuum bags regularly, and dispose of old bags in an outdoor trash receptacle. Thoroughly wash and dry all clothes, bed sheets, linen and blankets in the affected area.

Clean or wipe down all affected areas, including wardrobes, cupboards, drawers, walls or floor molding. Clean cracks and crevices where moths may lay eggs. Clean any bags, containers or suitcases in the area, as these may contain more eggs and larvae.

If this fails to eradicate moths from a given area, contact a local pest service. A professional pest removal service may use an insecticide spray, fumigation or heat treatment to remove moths.

Prevent future moth infestations by drawing curtains at night or using fly screens to prevent moths from entering buildings through windows and doors. Vacuum carpets regularly, paying special attention to hidden areas under large furniture where moths may lay eggs. Clean clothes thoroughly before storing them, as moths are often attracted to soiled textiles. Place any textiles intended for long-term storage in plastic bags.