Zebra finches are easy to care for and make great pets because of their relatively quiet demeanor and active personalities. They should be kept in pairs or groups. Avoid mixing genders if you don't want breeding.

  1. Give them enough space

    The proper cage size depends on how many zebra finches you have. An ideal size for a pair is 18 inches high, 18 inches wide and 30 inches long. Make sure there is enough room for horizontal flight.

  2. Provide accessories

    Without obstructing flight paths, add a variety of perches. Other common cage additions include branches, plants, toys and ladders.

  3. Keep them in a safe location

    Store the cage in a safe, quiet area of the house away from direct sunlight. Keep the cage away from air conditioners and heaters.

  4. Feed zebra finches a balanced diet

    Provide the finches with a quality, fresh finch seed mix. Supplement with sprouted seeds, a variety of greens and vegetables, pellets and egg food. Cuttlebone can be used as a calcium supplement. Consult a veterinarian if you are considering feeding your finches grit.

  5. Change the water and food every day

    Give the zebra finches fresh, clean water on a daily basis. Clean the food dishes every day.To prevent contamination, do not put food dishes under the perches,

  6. Provide bath water

    Place a shallow dish of clean water in the cage multiple times every week. Remove the water as soon as it has been used for bathing.