An ideal environment for caring for a pregnant pit bull would be dry, safe and comfortable, such as a small den or "nest" of blankets away from areas of high household traffic. These dens can be built in condemned drawers, empty closets or any other space that is self-contained, warm and dry.

A female pit bull that is showing early signs of pregnancy may gain weight rapidly and miss a few cycles in a row. It is important to ensure pit bulls are comfortable as pregnancy progresses. After birth, dogs crave a warm and secure location to stay with their litters. Thus, owners should be well prepared before the puppies are born and provide a safe and comfortable environment.

This place should be suitable for a pregnant pit bull through all stages of her pregnancy, from the very beginning, to the actual birth, to the stage at around eight weeks when the puppies become self-reliant.

It is important for everyone to remain as calm and peaceful as possible during the pit bull's pregnancy so that she does not become stressed or anxious. Dogs are highly sensitive to human anxiety and may react negatively towards the pups when they are born due to the surrounding stress.