If cats are visiting your yard and making a mess, it is possible to use a multi-step approach to make it less attractive to cats without causing them harm. Most of the steps involve using items you have at home, while others involve purchasing a roll of chicken wire or a motion activated sprinkler.

  1. Make food sources inaccessible

    Keep garbage in cans with tight fitting lids so cats do not use your scraps as food. If you have pets of your own, feed them inside so there is not food outside of the house. Keep the lawn neat and manicured to discourage rodents that may attract the cat.

  2. Use natural deterrents

    Add scents to the yard to make cats look for a more pleasant place. Use citrus peels or oils that they find unattractive. Other options include pipe tobacco, coffee grounds or vinegar. Sprinkle or spray these materials in open flowerbeds to keep cats away.

  3. Make digging difficult

    If your yard has several flowerbeds, the freshly tilled soil is irresistible to cats as a fresh litter box. Bury chicken wire just under the surface of the soil. Point any sharp wires down into the soil. Cut holes through the wire for plants.

  4. Use motion activated sprinklers

    Most cats hate water. Install motion activated sprinklers to give them a quick squirt of water. They quickly learn that your yard is off limits.