The best way to get rid of lizards in a yard is to change the habitat so that it is not hospitable for the small reptiles. Changing the habitat may take some time to have the desired effect, so if it is legal to do so, better and quicker results may be achieved by catching the lizards and relocating them.

Lizards usually inhabit yards that have an abundance of vegetation to provide cover, ample sunlight to allow the lizards to bask and a food source. While herbivorous lizards may be drawn to the fruits growing in the trees in a yard or the vegetables growing in a garden, most lizards inhabit residential areas because of the abundance of insects. Remove some of the vegetation in the yard, block the sun from shining on their favorite perches and reduce the insect population to make the habitat unsuitable for them.

In some places, such as South Texas and Florida, some of the local lizards grow quite large. While these lizards are unlikely to harm anyone if left alone, they tend to defend themselves aggressively if any attempt is made to catch them. Such lizards are best removed by professionals. To try to capture them, it is often helpful to throw a towel or blanket over them and scoop them up inside of it. The blanket provides some protection from their sharp claws and teeth.