To treat a cat’s ear mites, get rid of any dark debris from the animal’s ears and use a topical insecticide to eliminate remaining mites, suggests HowStuffWorks. It's important to treat all animals in a home to prevent reinfestation or transfer of ear mites.

To identify the presence of ear mites, use a cotton ball to take a bit of the dark debris that look like coffee grounds, says HowStuffWorks. Use a magnifier to inspect the debris; any sign of movement indicates the infestation of ear mites in the cat’s ears.

To treat ear mites, remove them by using ear cleaning solution, almond oil or olive oil as suggested by a veterinarian, states HowStuffWorks. Place several drops into the cat’s ear canal, and slowly massage to push the debris to the ear’s outer region. Use a cotton ball or tissue instead of cotton swabs to wipe away all debris.

The next step is to apply an ear miticide containing pyrethrins, which is a natural insecticide, notes HowStuffWorks. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, and massage the areas around the pet’s ear while administering the treatment. Make sure to clean the animal’s ears daily, and apply the treatment regularly for a few weeks to prevent reinfestation. If the home remedy fails to work, contact a veterinarian for professional help.