The best ways for individuals to avoid poisonous snakes, and their bites, are to avoid areas where poisonous snakes live, to utilize caution when traveling through snake territory, and avoiding agitating or touching the creatures. They should also keep camping equipment out in the open.

The best way to avoid poisonous snakes is to stay out of their habitat. Individuals can utilize guides to reptiles and amphibians in their region to identify area snakes and their habitats. Forests and rocky hills are among the favorite snake hangouts.

Those who enter snake country should utilize common sense when moving about. Special care is especially needed when climbing on rocks or stepping over logs. Outdoor enthusiasts should always look at where they are placing their hands and feet before moving forward, as snakes like basking on rocks or sitting by logs. Individuals should also avoid walking in tall grass, and if they do they should move a stick about in front of them to scare off snakes. They can also wear tall boots and tucked-in pants to counter attempted snake strikes.

If an individual encounters a poisonous snake, that person should stay back and let it be. Snakes have a good striking distance. The individual should also not attempt to pick up the snake unless that person knows the creature has been dead for a long time, for a snake that just died still has an active nervous system that can deliver a bite.