To help save endangered animals, support conservation organizations such as the National Wildlife Federation, visit nature preserves and parks, avoid purchasing items and garments made from the hides of endangered species and help create wildlife-friendly habitats. There are more than 40,000 endangered species in the world, with over 16,000 in danger of extinction.

An endangered animal is one whose numbers have been reduced to the point where its species might not survive.

Step 1: Support conservation organizations

Joining the National Wildlife Federation and other organizations that help endangered animals is an excellent start. Contributing time or financial resources can help these organizations continue their work.

Step 2: Visit open spaces

Visiting state and national parks as well as wildlife refuges helps promote awareness of endangered animals. It also offers financial support to these venues so they can continue to rescue animals. Many facilities sell annual passes and other products and services to the public.

Step 3: Pay attention to purchases

Never purchase products or garments that require the parts of endangered animals. These could include fur coats as well as products made from illegal materials, such as ivory from elephant tusks.

Step 4: Create wildlife-friendly habitats

Homeowners can hang bird feeders in their yards and avoid removing trees that might support endangered animals. Joining work efforts to protect endangered animals is also helpful, such as volunteering in wildlife refuges.