An American Cocker Spaniel reaches between 15 and 30 pounds. Male Cocker Spaniels are typically 15 1/2 inches tall, while female Cocker Spaniels are an average of 14 1/2 inches tall.

Cocker Spaniels are considered medium-sized dogs. They have sturdy bodies, round heads and square, deep muzzles. The fur on Cocker Spaniels is short and fine on the head, but long on the body. Cocker Spaniels range in color from all black, brown or white to a mix of these colors. Cocker Spaniels make great family dogs, as they are friendly, playful and affectionate. They enjoy socializing with both people and dogs, and do not like to be left alone.

Cocker spaniels are an active and devoted breed that can have a few medical risk factors. Some of these include glaucoma, cataracts and patellar luxation. Minor medical issues that can occur include cherry eye, allergies, liver disease, hip dysplasia and cardiomyopathy. They need regular exercise and good grooming as they are average shedders. The breed is shown in the gun dog category and the American Kennel Club Sporting category.