Crocodiles live in the rainforests of Asia, Africa, Australia and the South Pacific. Dating back to the dinosaurs, the smallest crocodile is the dwarf crocodile, measuring about 5 feet, and the largest is the saltwater crocodile which weighs in at around 28 feet.

The rivers and estuaries of the rainforests are home to crocodiles. They are one of the most feared predators of the world and eat fish, frogs and small animals but will attack anything that crosses their path, including humans.

Crocodiles are found in the tropical regions of Africa, Asia, Australia and parts of the Americas. They are cold blooded and live in the rainforest because they don't have the ability to generate heat internally.

New discoveries have revealed that crocodiles lived in the Amazon rainforest 13 million years ago before the Amazon river was formed. At that time, the area was marked by wetlands, and scientists believe it was home to the largest population of different species of crocodiles ever found.

The decade long study of the Amazon rainforest also uncovered three different species of crocodiles that were not previously known to exist.

In the African rainforest, the Nile crocodile is found in the wetlands of over 30 countries.