To restore flow to a drain with a garbage disposal, empty the sink, remove the trap, and clean it. Use a drain auger to clear any obstructions beyond the trap. Most homeowners can complete the process in less than an hour.

  1. Empty the sink

    Use a small container to dip as much water from the sink into a bucket as possible. Dispose of the water, and place the bucket under the trap.

  2. Remove the trap

    The design of most plastic drains allows the owner to remove the trap using his hands without tools. For stubborn joints, use water-pump pliers to remove the nuts to remove the trap. Any remaining water in the sink should drain into the bucket. Pour any remaining water from the trap into the bucket

  3. Clean the trap

    Check the trap for any remaining material, and remove it. Do not pour the material down another drain.

  4. Clean the line

    Insert a drain auger into the pipe that leads into the wall. Turn the auger as you push it forward. If it hits a clog, the auger becomes more difficult to turn. Continue turning and pushing until you feel it push through the clog. Retrieve the auger.

  5. Reassemble the trap

    Replace the trap, and hand-tighten all plastic connections. Turn on the water, and test the garbage disposal for drainage and the trap for any leaks.